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Licensed services for medical transportation of bedridden patients in Russia, CIS, the world.
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Ambulance services for the transportation of bedridden patients

MITA™ services ambulance for medical transportation bedridden patients in any part of the world, Russia, countries of near and far abroad. From country to country, from city to city, from one continent to another. Depending on the severity of the patient and distance, arrange for transportation, evacuation of patients with various types of transport (auto, railway, air).

Transportation Europe - Russia We transport patients across Europe, from Europe to Russia and CIS countries and back
Ground transportationWe provide professional assistance to clients in need of medical transportation of bedridden patients from city to city by land transport (America, Europe, Russia, countries of near/far-abroad countries)
Transportation in CIS and Russia We provide services for medical transportation bedridden patients in Russia and CIS countries on the special transport with minimal risk and under the qualified professionals supervision.
Air transportation of patients Transportation of bedridden patients by plane at any distance and in any point of the planet at affordable prices includes all need
Integrated transportation We provide services for integrated transportation of bedridden patients from city to city in Europe or Russia with a combination if necessary, various modes of transport, accompanied by doctors and assistance in obtaining documents
Repatriation of remains Transportation of remains of a deceased person with minimal financial, time and moral costs
The advantages of our medical transportation services
We have more than 10 years of clinical and practical experience in organization and implementation of services for the transportation of patients around the world.
Not one minute lost in vain! Our experience and qualifications allow us to carry bedridden patients without loss of time and in time.
All employees go through training programs in Russia, Germany, France. Every year, all employees are trained on the bases of the European partner clinics, improve their skills at Russian institutions of postgraduate medical education.
In addition to the required list of medical equipment all ambulances are equipped with the additional equipment, (and not medical also) makes finding the patient in the cabin more comfortable, and the work of doctors more accurate and convenient.
All personnel of the company is focused on the customer and his needs. You and Your family will be surrounded by our attention throughout the cooperation.
Always in touch!
We are always waiting for Your call! 365/24/7 Operational Department of the company is ready to assist You: from information to control a sudden emergency!
Order help
Write to us and we will answer all your questions
Information about medical transportation
About medical transportation
MITA™ services for medical transportation of patients all over the world (include, Russia, countries and abroad). Depending on the severity of the patient and distances, transportation can be organize by different modes of transport (auto, railway, air).

Our medical crews are experienced medical professionals of high qualification, able to provide full support to patients during long transportation. Provided medical support for patients with all pathologies from point A (hospital ward, apartment or any other place of stay of the patient) to point B (final destination). In the process of transportation is carried out continuous monitoring of the human condition, in the case of negative dynamics – are appropriate resuscitative (intensive care) or supportive measures.

To contact the company MITA made us very sensitive issue: there is a need to transport non-ambulant ninety year old grandmother from Moscow to Hanover. Without medical escort and transportation of the sick old lady to realize we were afraid, so decided to turn to professionals. Doubt that all goes well, he will now have after the first consultation: the doctor is clear and clearly explained the features of the upcoming event, gave practical advice on the preparation for shipment. I can not mention extremely polite attitude to a cranky patient. Great thanks!
Galina M., Moscow
Have mom moved in a Moscow clinic from Warsaw. All the right notes: called them, and explained how it will happen and soon brought her to me.
Victoria Shishkina, Moscow
I Express my gratitude to the staff of MITA for a responsive attitude to patients, professional approach to the organization and provision of transportation services to patients. Urgently needed to deliver a paralyzed patient in a medical institution located in a neighbouring region. The problem was in the fact that, due to time and financial constraints we are unable to afford to seek the services of the first company. I had to ring up different companies to find out prices, compare and analyze. Very interested in the rates of MITA. Pleasantly surprised that the Manager did not "automatically" to read me the standard positions, and after ascertaining the mileage and other details clearly outlined the time and cost of transportation. By the way, in the end, the amount was even slightly less than pre-announced due to the change of certain conditions. In 15 minutes after application I got a call from the company – the exact address and the message that they are on the way. At the agreed time the car pulled up to our entrance. Loading of the patient was performed carefully and gently, the guys did everything professionally and politely communicated with us (which is psychologically very helpful in such a difficult situation). The road at the time did not last long (on arrival, a patient was brought directly to the emergency room). When the need arises next time I will only refer to this company.
Olga, St. Petersburg
Sincerely and with much gratitude I wish the employees of the service transportation of the sick MITA continued success and happiness in the world. The fact that competent and responsible professionals quickly organized my move to the treatment from Kazakhstan to Germany. Special thanks to the entire team that accompanied me along the way! At first it was unusual and very pleased by the warm welcome at the airport. The flight occurred smoothly. You give people hope, inspire faith in a successful resolution of serious problems, radiating optimism!
Elena, Taraz (Kazakhstan)
Brother worked for many years in a ship repair company and once fell from a height, was seriously injured spine. Local doctors threw up their hands and said we need to get the victim to Moscow – these complex operations in Kaliningrad do not. Time for reflection was too little – broken spine gave my brother in excruciating pain, and I just had no idea how to arrange its transportation to the capital. The nurse at the local hospital recommended me to contact a specialized service for the transportation of bedridden patients MITA. There the consultant reassured me, saying that for transporting patients with serious injuries there is a special equipment. Of course, I immediately place an order and the next day my brother and a brigade of medical employees of the company MITA went to the Moscow Institute for the treatment of spinal injuries. Heartily thank the staff of the company MITA for professionalism, responsiveness and attention to patients and their relatives.
Alexander K., Kaliningrad